Virtual Reality Development

Reload eSports has experience and talent in Virtual Reality development.

We use custom-built high quality 360 cameras, experience in live and staged shooting, production and post-production. We also have access to a pool of talented VR and AR developers and proven technical project management track record. We specialise in Unity3d, AI, HCI and Natural User interfaces, and Neural Networks.

Our principal developer is an award-winning author of a number of published VR games across multiple formats. His work has been awarded by the US based Virtual Reality Foundation and been positively reviewed by John Carmack, CTO of Oculus VR.

We have deep experience in technical project management with our primary manager coming from a 20 year career in Investment banking and 10 years of technical project experience.

With strong connections to development communities – VR, AR and tradiational development we are able to activate new development resources very quickly for high quality and timely results.

We also are able to handle many other aspects of project delivery that are often initially overlooked.

  • Digital Marketing, national and International.
  • Access to Chinese digital platforms,
  • Associated promotional website production.
  • Media launches.

VR 360 Recording Examples

Our clients include:


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