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Reload eSports is an Australian eSports company. Our team is composed of industry veterans with years of collective experience managing, promoting and running esports teams and events. We are active in the eSports industy in a number of fields:



esports offers unique branding opportunities. Hosting or sponsoring an esports event is a powerful way to connect with a growing market of young and socially connected customers.

With over a decade of experience running tournaments and events for the top esports titles, the Reload team is able to organize and provide everything required to run an exciting eSports event online or in front of a live audience – complete with dedicated commentators – and stream it live to the web to increase the event’s reach by an order of magnitude.


Competitive gaming is growing into a lucrative industry at a rapid rate. The eSports industry generated an estimated $748 million in revenue worldwide in 2015 and is on track to hit $1.9 billion in revenues by 2018. It is a global industry with key markets in Asia, North America and Europe.

Reload eSports can help your organization tap into these markets. Perhaps you want to advertise to eSports fans. Perhaps you want to engage them with media, or perhaps you aren’t sure where your organization can fit in but want to explore the possibilities of this exciting new industry. Talk to Reload eSports and get into the game.


Reload eSports has experience and talent in esport event management.

We have worked and run events with:

By exploiting the marginal advantage, the expert player is both a problem solver and an artist. @day9tv



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